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The Best Cat Toys for Blind Cats – Katzenworld

  Blind kitties don’t know they have a disability, and with our help, they never need to. Take a few minutes to check out this post reblogged from Katzenworld. Watch the video of Honey Bee, the blind adventure cat, and … Continue reading

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He’s the Cat Rapper, and he lives in my town! A few weeks ago I had the privilege of interviewing Cat Rapper Moshow for the Katzenworld Cat Blogsite. We talked about his life, his passion for music, and his new … Continue reading

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Remember our Animal Heroes

“From the carrier pigeons of World War II who delivered critical messages between soldiers on the frontline and their counterparts back home, to the sniffer dogs detecting deadly improvised explosive devices in more recent conflicts, their contribution should never be … Continue reading

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Guest Star: Angels Unaware – reblogged from Katzenworld

Here is a sweet and thought-provoking story which I enjoyed and wanted to pass on to others. Read Angels Unaware, by  Andrea Gaines. Source: Guest Star: Angels Unaware – Katzenworld    

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My saga, “Tinkerbelle Remembers: The Finding of a Therapy Cat, a series about Tinkerbelle, Registered Pet Partner Therapy Cat (retired) and our journey together” is being published on the Katzenworld blog! Follow this popular cat-centric blogsite to read more about Tinkerbelle … Continue reading

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The worrying rise of the ‘DIY vet’, reblogged from Katzenworld

Everybody googles for advice. It’s what we do with that advice that’s important. When it comes to your cat’s health, can you afford to take chances? Source: The worrying rise of the ‘DIY vet’

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