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    Do cats dream? Do old cats leap and play as in their kitten days? Do crippled cats run the hills on unfettered legs? Do indoor cats prowl the jungle wilds? In their dreams, are sick cats whole again? … Continue reading

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I’ve been trying my hand at cat poetry. I’ve written people poetry for as long as I can remember, but nothing about cats. Why not? Lately I’ve come upon a significant amount of cat poetry and it has caught my … Continue reading

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You are safe with me.   If I don’t know you, I will reach out without malice. If I don’t understand you, I will strive to learn. If I don’t agree with you, I will put differences aside. If I … Continue reading

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despair, a poem

  i feel like i’ve been raped. i am ashamed appalled afraid of the country where i live afraid of my neighbors who could choose such blight upon our nation. i rush to protect my family, to fight the monster … Continue reading

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IS IT ENOUGH? a poem

  In this frenzied, challenged world Is it enough to watch a sparrow flit through the black gnarled branches of a plum tree? To delight in the scent of rain? To feel the autumn sun on my aging face? Is … Continue reading

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GRIEF, a poem

  It still comes With the surprise of a cut finger Sliced by a sharp knife, Deep and acute;  Or slashed by a dull blade, Ragged and hurting, The memory of loss.  

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Cat Watch, by Elan Mudrow (reblogged)

  My cat does not pass judgement Nor does he profile. If he were to guess wrong About my sneaky movements in the kitchen, He has not made an assumption. He’s acting upon detailed information. For I h… Source: Cat … Continue reading

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  Let’s rest awhile from today’s tragedies and travesties, from the sick and dying and dead, from the keening of loss, the misery of fear. Let’s pierce the veil of hate and vengeance to the things that were meant to … Continue reading

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  DREAM The night dream lies beyond a closing door. A glimpse as I waken, Then gone, Shrouded in the wool of day.     LISTS Yesterday’s list: Meeting Work On time Concentrate Place dreams in the box on the … Continue reading

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Dreamland 1 Dreams float just beneath the surface, obscured by the reflections of today.     Dreamland 2 Dreams linger at the edge of my consciousness like scenes in my peripheral vision as I speed along the road:   When … Continue reading

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