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How does someone end up a sixty-six-year-old cat lady? I think it was destined, because some of my earliest memories are of cats. This is Two and me in 1958. He was the cat I was going to marry. Two … Continue reading

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  I’m looking at a picture of my parents. My father in a plaid shirt and turtleneck, standing arms across his chest, smiling. My mother sitting, outside somewhere, the green of grass for background. Legs crossed ladylike, cigarette in hand. … Continue reading

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SCHRÖDINGER’S TRUNK, reblogged from the Fire Star Press Blogsite

Read my post on the Fire Star Press Blogsite:   SCHRÖDINGER’S TRUNK, by Mollie Hunt, Cat Writer    

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  I watched the eclipse. In Portland, Oregon and thereabouts, everyone did. On August 21, 2017, every local soul was outside with their eclipse glasses on, staring at the sun. It was cool, amazing, wonderful, surprising, and phenomenal, all rolled … Continue reading

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My father was an immigrant. He escaped Germany and came to the United States in 1937. He didn’t talk much about his past, but he did tell about his first sighting of the Statue of Liberty. How beautiful, how great, … Continue reading

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People have mixed opinions on 2016: the worst year ever; the most celebrity deaths; the weirdest election to date; the warmest worldwide temperature; etc etc etc. For me, there were a lot of positive things about 2016, a lot of … Continue reading

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Last night I dreamed about old friends. It happens occasionally; at 64, there is more behind me than ahead, and my past covers a lot of ground. This dream was different though. Where usually I get caught up in the … Continue reading

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When I was 18, in the fall of 1969, I moved to from the US to Canada. I went for the weekend and stayed 10 years.  My first Christmas away from home was a little bleak. I was living in … Continue reading

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    Quitting drinking is hard, and doubly so for alcoholics. First off we must detox, a painful, stressful, anxiety-causing process; then we have to change the habit. For those of us whose social persona is built on who we … Continue reading

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I called her Mommy until I started high school. One day when I was 12, she took me aside and told me to use her name, Mary Elizabeth, which I did from then on. My heart barely remembers how it … Continue reading

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