In the desperate moments of darkness, between the joy of Lux and the sorrow, I wrote this affirmation. When I stuck by it, things went better; when I didn’t, I was lost. Nothing is perfect. The trip through anxiety is gruesome and grueling, but the key word is through. I was not about to give up with so much greatness in my life.

 apple tree celtic knot

~Today I’m not going to make lists or look at lists I’ve already made. (This is not a list)

~Today I’m not going to try to explain why I’m not 110%, especially to myself who demands the most from me.

~Today I’m going to stop and acknowledge beauty when I see it. I will not run for the camera or Facebook, but just stop and look for myself in that moment only.

~Today I will cry when I need to.

~Today I will not feel guilty about what I might or might not have done.

~Today I will eat carefully, drink water, and take a walk. Or not.

~Today I will try to do just one thing at a time: single-tasking. I will not over-think.

~Today I will not worry about tomorrow.

cat yin yang 3



About Mollie Hunt

I am the crazy cat lady, animal shelter volunteer, Trekkie, and mystery writer. I live in the rainy Pacific Northwest and will watch any TV show or movie filmed here. Even though I am of a goodly age (sixty-something) I go to Star Trek conventions in costume and am not afraid to be by myself. I enjoy my life in the cat lane. Words to live by: Spay and neuter; Live long and prosper; Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference.
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