REBLOGGED: Are Black Cats Being Overlooked?

~ Tinkerbelle ~

~ Tinkerbelle ~

~ Little ~

~ Little ~

My 2 black cats, Tinkerbelle and Little, asked me to share this blog:

Anita Kelsey cat blogger

Copyright 2015 – Anita Kelsey – London cat behaviourist

In the wonderful, often quirky, parallel universe of the cat lover, where cats rule the roost, there’s one cat that seems to have innocently caught itself up in all manner of myths and superstitions and who I personally think has and still is drawing the short fish flavoured straw.

Dorothy - Awaiting a home at the Mayhew Dorothy – Awaiting a home at the Mayhew

I never really thought much about the plight of the black cat until I saw the high percentage of black cats up for adoption on one of my regular visits to the Mayhew Animal Home. Cabin after cabin I was confronted by pairs of large beautiful eyes glowing from thick solid inky coloured coats. As I entered the cat section each moggie vocalised louder and louder, competing against one another, as if saying ‘No, over here. pick me”. Ok, so I am anthropomorphizing a…

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About Mollie Hunt

I am the crazy cat lady, animal shelter volunteer, Trekkie, and mystery writer. I live in the rainy Pacific Northwest and will watch any TV show or movie filmed here. Even though I am of a goodly age (sixty-something) I go to Star Trek conventions in costume and am not afraid to be by myself. I enjoy my life in the cat lane. Words to live by: Spay and neuter; Live long and prosper; Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference.
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